Open Letter To Northern Ireland Ministers Peter Robinson MLA. Martin McGuiness MLA.

Open Letter To Northern Ireland Health Minister, Minister when will you call for the testing of young children for Rare Diseases,Could we also ask you Why we have to beg for a test’s that could save our children’s lives or even let the mother and father know if their child has a problem or not so they can plan their lives around the child and to enable them to seek counseling services and plan treatment options for their child. Minister shows our young Mothers and Fathers that you care about their families and make the changes that are needed to put testing in law like NHS England and Wales Message Ends


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Hi my name is Terence Hoey I am CEO of The Ultra Rare Disease Disorders & Disabilities Foundation LTD a non for profit charity our address is Palmerston Road Sydenham Belfast Co Antrim Northern Ireland BT41QD

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