New Disease Discovered: Cacaworts!

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Hypocritic Oath Dept. 

Eleanor Plugrntz was wondering why she had so much pain going to the bathroom. She went to her doctor and was tested for a hernia, hemoroida, colon cancer and colitus She didn’t have any of them. She was told to change her diet and avoid foods high in fiber. She didn’t get better. She lost all hope and resigned herself to living a life full of pain in the bathroom.

Then one day, several months later, she looked down and what she pooped out and saw something funny. Her poop was perfectly circular and looked healthy but here appeared to be a wart on her poop! She called her doctor immediately.

Dr. Galvan Goopa at John’s Hopkin’s University did extensive tests but couldn’t find any cause for the wart. It wasn’t until his brother, Dr, gagagoogoo Goopa at the Potatoe Institute tested the stool sample that the…

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