Rare Diseases: Health 2.0 Online Patient-To-Patient Communities

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What is Health 2.0 ? What implications does it have for online patient-to-patient communities ?

The first thing to define is what exactly is Health 2.0. The use of the term “Health 2.0” is quite extensive in today’s world of the Internet. For purposes of this discussion, the best definition of this term is from an article in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, “Health 2.0 and Medicine 2.0: Tensions and Controversies in the Field” :

“ … is the use of a specific set of Web tools (blogs, Podcasts, tagging, search, wikis, etc) by actors in health care including doctors, patients, and scientists, using principles of open source and generation of content by users, and the power of networks in order to personalize health care, collaborate, and promote health education … a mechanism to provide customized health care, such as connecting patients with rare conditions …”.

Health 2.0…

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